Thursday, September 15, 2011

Farm to Fancy

Yesterday's post was more of a passionate farm blog; today's is how to take some of that earthy farmgirl stuff and incoraporate into your life in a fresh & fancy way.  The topic is one of my favorite things:  BATHS

Someday....(my poor husband will be working on my Honey Do list until he retires!) I NEED one of these charming outdoor baths like I first saw in a Mary Jane Farms magazine (which I'm totally addicted to.  She even has a GirlScout kinda badge thing going on....super fun!)

But until that happens I love to soak INSIDE!  There are so many fabulous products out there that someday I will post about (I have friends who are soap experts) but today I want to focus on what I have here on the farm.  MILK & HERBS. 

If you don't grow your own herbs you can get some from your local Farmers' Market or even your hometown HyVee and tie them in a bundle in your shower or bath.  Try chamomile at night or lemon balm in the morning.  How romantic is a fresh bath bouquet?

I love this article on using GOAT'S MILK in the most luxurious bath yet.  Check out to find some near you.  As you can read in this article goat's milk can protect your skin from harmful rays and the aging process!  Inside or out this is why I own my sweet girls.

By adding all natural goat's milk to your bath your body will soak up all the goodness in it (definetely read the article above for all the benefits) and enjoy. 

A bath isn't complete without candles and music and a glass of tea or wine.  I have a chandelier in mine.  Even if you just treat yourself to this leisurlely evening once a week or even once a month your body and mind will thank you.  You deserve it!

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Crystal Koelzer said...

Recently I read about using milk and honey for a foot soak and I love it. 1/2 cup milk and maybe 2 tablespoons of honey and a little soap. It smells wonderful and makes my feet feel great.