Thursday, March 8, 2012

Magazine GiveAway!!!!



As most of you know I love all things French.  Hubby even brought home an animated movie last night titled "Monster in Paris."  I loved it all.....sigh.....someday.....

So as you can guess I love to read the blog:  The Parisienne Farmgirl.  And of course I wanted to subscribe to her upcoming magazine.  This is a unique E Zine that will be delivered right to your Inbox for only $24.95 a year, 4 issues total.

But what makes this Magazine GiveAway (for The Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine) so much more amazing is that I have an article being published in the magazine!!!!  Pinch me!!!

So please sign up to subscribe to the magazine and if you are chosen as the subscription winner your fee will be reimbursed to you. 

To enter the Magazine GiveAway: 1.   leave a comment below telling me if you would rather vacation in Paris or on a Farm and a brief description why.  2.  Also like my Facebook Page Amusing Provincial of La Ferme and leave a comment there.  I want to know my readers!!! 

Thank you in advance for all of the lovely support I appreciate it so much! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Beginnings

I am working on some Gardening Posts & Chicken Posts (chicks are supposed to hatch tomorrow!!) on a new blog!!!  My amazingly talented cousin (yes I have a great family) has designed a new blog for me, but I'm still learning all of the bells & whistles so I am not giving you the link quite yet.  But I wanted you to know that new things are coming!  Hooray for Spring & New Beginnings!!!  God has blessed me with so much abundance and joy in the past month I am overwhelmed by His goodness.  It is my prayer that you are as well. 

You know His timing is incredible.  I have been walking around the yard looking for signs of spring.  One of the goats is really getting large with kids in the womb.  Iris have turned green and my Hellebore has a bud.  I believe God is like that.  He is all around us putting treasures in our path that we walk by every day or has been covered up by leaves or snow but they are there for us to uncover. 

A month ago I was twiddling my thumbs, praying for direction in my life and grabbing for whatever strand of hope and opportunity that I saw.  Today I am going from to-do list to to-do list for all of those strings I grabbed have turned out to be a huge balloon bouquet of abundance and joy that is carrying me on the ride of my life. 

Trying to balance family and work (did I just say that) and making time for my creative endeavors as well as "chores" (these moments of solitude outdoors with the animals is more like a welcome break in the day) and homesteading tasks can be overwhelming.  Not to mention relationships (friends, family, spiritual).  But the beauty of His plan is that it all works together so smoothly and flows so effortlessly when it is within His will.

Praying this spring takes you to new heights in every aspect of your life.


Notice the rainbow above the balloons in the photo.
photo taken from here:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Head Over Heels

Well I'm in love.  I've been searching for an outfit to wear for an upcoming event. I wanted something unique, earthy, farmgirlish, fancy, yet simple: ME.

Well Etsy never disappoints.  I mean does this description get any better?  "Rust. Sweat. Stormy nights. Sweet Tea on the front porch. Whisky out back. House proud. Cypress moss swinging from branches. Old leather. Family secrets. Muddy back roads. Torn linen. Tent revivals. "  Each piece is in my Favorites section.  And her goods were SOLD OUT at Anthropologie in New Orleans!!!

Yes that's love speaking.  When I have something in my mind I know what I want and I usually do not waver.  For example....I knew I wanted a vintage looking lacy number for my wedding day - no poofy ball gown for me.  I walked in told them what I wanted 30 minutes and $300 later I had it! 

So I've had in my mind what I want for this event and a few others I've been planning for when I came across Bayou Salvage on Etsy.  What's not to love about someone who describes her pinafores as "Country Fried?"  My kinda gal!

So I've made some major decisions ladies.  I must have it all.  Or at least a few pieces of this charming collection.  Please visit this talented artist and support her.  I cannot rave about her enough!