Friday, September 9, 2011


I love ART!  From poetry to sculpture.  From painting to knitting.  From gardening to home decorating.  From cooking to soap making.  From feathering your hair to designing clothing.  From playing an instrument to designing a website.  From jewelry to scrapbooking; in my eyes there is ART everywhere.  Even in a hay field!  (Don't tell my dad I think his hayfield is a work of ART!)  Have you ever noticed the patchwork lay of the open land?  I just love to get creative in fresh new ways and right now the world is full of classes everywhere you turn to try out new ARTs & lost ARTs.  There are oodles of new ARTs I want to learn!  I have been on a journey the past few years of taking some of these classes.  I've learned so many wonderful things and met the most amazing people!  And this Sunday our local ART museum is hosting a Free Family ART day which I plan on participating in.

One of my favorite ARTsy hotspots to visit is the lovely little town called Leavenworth, KS. It has an amazing jewelry shop where you are the ARTist and can design your own bling.  While there you can eat at the amazing Peacock Cafe who monthly hosts all kinds of ARTistic classes.  One fabulous ARTist I was honored to take a class from is Cathy Kline whose paintings simply take my breath away with their beauty.

Cow Painting by Moi
Remake of old Table Top

I plan on taking a knitting class this fall and hopefully a cheese making class.  I want to learn the lost ART of broom making and basket weaving (too much time at Silver Dollar City this summer?) What new ARTs do you want to learn and what ART do you enjoy?  I'm always up for learning something new.  I'd love to know what inspires you! 

Great Statuary Head with Funky Beaded Necklace and Someday Covered in a Clematis Gown; Pure White of course!

Daddy's Hay Field

The Lone Butternut ARTfully arranged by one of my son's.  For his sake I won't name which one. 

Another piece by one of my little ARTists

Love, Love, Love this beautiful couple and the song they wrote and the video they made.  Enjoy my Friends!!!

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