Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It All Starts With A Pair of Boots

I've always loved old things; vintage finds, "junk" as some would call it.  My bedroom growing up was full of family treasures, scraps of old lace, anything with a history.  I found these pale pink boots (in my size!) at an antique store.  I'd never given into the living on a farm in a fashion sense.  I actually used to follow all the models (you know...Christy Turlington, Niki Taylor, Linda Evangelista) and would try to copy their outifts.  The closest I got to farm related was when I wore twine from a haybale around my neck as a choker (Thanking God I don't have pictures!). But the boots were a KICKstart to my inner farmgirl.

Wanting to feed my family fresh produce without pesticides and blessed with lots of space, I started with a simple strawberry patch and small potager of 4 raised beds.  Once the kids were a little older we finally decided to build a chicken coop (something we'd wanted to do for a few years).  We had so much fun picking out funky chickens to order.

After that the whole farm lifestyle has gotten really addictive.  I began reading inspiring books and blogs and realized I wanted a lot more than just eggs and veggies.  I wanted it all!

We know have (in addition to chickens) turkeys, ducks, milking goats, honeybees, a HUGE garden and my wishlist is even longer!  I hope Santa brings me warm pink carhart bibs and cheese making equipment.  I never dreamt I would embrace the Great Outdoors, my Inner Farmgirl, and bloom where I was planted (when I used to think I was stuck where I was at).  And it all started with a Pair of Boots!

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