Monday, February 13, 2012

The Homestead Shopper - Part 2 Natural vs. Organic & Coupons!!!!

Oh boy.  I hope I can type as fast as I can think.  This is a passionate subject for me and I am just overflowing with all I want to share yet keep it cute and fun and brief.  My mouth wants to flap open just like in the photo above.

First of all how blessed are we to live in a day in age where we can find info at our fingertips and connect with others passionate in the same topics?  AmAzInG!!!  So blessed! 

Last night during the Grammys this thought provoking commerical was played and sponsored by Chipotle.  I loved it!  It actually almost brought me to tears that's how passionate I am about getting back to our roots.  Take a peek.  How awesome that when someone like me, who feels that my little voice and lifestyle can't make a difference, sees something this powerful aired by a large company to a huge viewer spot I begin to think maybe there is hope.

I don't know if I mentioned it or not but my family's New Years Resolution has been to eat mainly organic, Non GMO food as much as we possibly can.  Yes I still love soda (Lord help me) and let the boys eat candy bars now and then because I'm a believer in not letting it be taboo or that's all we will want (think diets and budgeting too).  I know it's bad but....I've gotta wean myself!  Our grocery bill has skyrocketed.  I used to shop exclusively at Aldi's because they have a lot of great products like milk without hormones and it's cheap.  But right after our resolution they began to build a new Aldi's and did not hire local workers and since I'm all about local.  Well.  It's been a timely decision to move our business to the organic section at HyVee.  A couple of weeks ago I thought this is crazy I have to make this a little more adorable so I decided to incorporate some 100% All Natural items into our diet.  When I got home and took the time to read the labels I did not like what I saw.  The new jello I was so excited to finally give to my poor deprived children in their lunch box had corn syrup in it!!!!  Never mind the no artificial colors label, the corn syrup was just as bad!  So here are a few links to the Natural vs. Organic debate.  This week I will once again be buying all organic items.  (I actually think they taste better).  And Hyvee has their own off brand of organic items so that really helps to buy those.  If you can only do All Natural at least it's a step in the right direction.

Here is what Organic It's Worth it has to say.

And Stonyfield says this.

One last link are these organic facts.

So if you've decided to buy organic why not use coupons to help save money?  I'm all about coupons. 

Organic Valley is one of my favorite company's.  I just love their coffee creamer!!!  Way better tasting than the new All Natural one I found at Hyvee.  You can print coupons right off of their website.  It was already the same price and with the coupon:  cheaper!

I love the Frugal Girls site.  It lists all of the upcoming sales and combines them with coupons.  Here is the organic version. 

And a few more can be found here.

If any of you readers out there have additional links or suggestions I would love to hear your comments below. 

My dream would be for each of you to be able to grow your own food or even a fraction of it.  And if you can't, please support your local farmers who do at your nearest farmers market.

I know this hasn't been full of cute pictures but I hope you found this post just as inspiring.

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