Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Makes Up Your Make Up?

I am a make up girl.  I feel naked without lipstick.  I love Aqua Net.  I love to smell good and I used to match my nail polish with my outift....daily.  Now that I'm a semi hippie I'm actually reading labels and finding out for myself what's in the products I use.

(meaning of hippie according to Webster's Dictionary is: 
: a usually young person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing unconventionally or favoring communal living) and advocates a nonviolent ethic; broadly : a long-haired unconventionally dressed young person
ummmm....crazy definition!)  and yes I do have long hair and am rejecting what I believe most of us as a society have been led to believe; that if it's on the shelf (food or in this case MAKE UP) it's a safe product. 
I have this cousin that I love (yes I have to because we're family but she's totally cool and I genuinely love her) and she MAKES make up.  Good make up that covers my flaws and in cute little packages and reasonably priced.  And made up of all natural non chemical products.  You can find out her contact info here on Facebook.  You will love it too!  She was inspired to start her company because of all that she read in labels on make up.
Did you know that cosmetics aren't tested by the FDA before they go on the market?  According to Mother Earth News (great informative magainzine by the way) 80 % of the products used in most cosmetics have been linked to cancer and other health concerns.  Mineral make up is better for you but still might contain aluminum!  It is also is used in a lot of anti persperants!  Some mascara even has mercury!  You can read a distrubing list of toxic chemicals used in common beauty products on this site.  My new rule is if I can't pronounce it and know what it is then I probably don't want it in my food or on my body.

Back to my beloved Aqua Net, if I should be warned not to stand close to a fire when wearing it or holding it, then maybe I shouldn't be wearing it????  Here's how it rates on the Environmental Working Group website.

I love this blog by Sarah Kovac who shares all about her experiences of giving up shampoo and making her own face wash.  I know you'll enjoy it as much as I do and I just might give up shampoo too!!!

I was thrilled a few months ago to read of a local Northwest Missouri Mom who started her own business by creating Non Toxic Nail Polish called Piggy Paint.  She has now sold to and met famous celebrities like Tori Spelling and it all started out by her finding out what ingredients are in the products she was using. 

Women amaze me!  We have such potential!  We are so persuasive!  And creative!  Imagine the influence we could have in our homes, our stores, our finances.....Start Reading Labels, Imagining the World A Better Place and then TAKE ACTION!!!!


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