Friday, February 3, 2012

The Homestead Shopper - Part One

I love this photo I found on Pintrest..  Add sunglasses to the look and that's me (I wish!) flying down the aisles....If you have seen me over the course of the last year at any number of retail stores with the large sunglasses on and my hood up (but now I see the scarf is way cooler), rushing past you, don't think a thing about it.  Apparently I shop like a criminal.  Since I have been on the quest to make a lot of the products I use - I have been buying very unusual products that I normally would not buy.  Glycerin, lye, ammonia, huge amounts of vodka.  Yep. 

Over the summer I was buying ammonia on a regular basis at the dollar store for a cheap flower booster recipe I found online.  Until the manager would get called up every time I came in.  Apparently you can make drugs with ammonia.  I found an alternative Garden Fertilizer Recipe.

Lye is used to make soap and must be purchased at chemical companies.  To use it I wait until the kids are in bed and put on gloves and goggles because if the stuff touches your flesh it will eat it and a trip to the ER is necessary.  So that's what I'm doing if you drive by my house late at night and see my silhouette in the window stirring with the science garb on.  NOT cooking up criminal concoctions.  Would it be easier to buy already made wonderful goat's milk soap?  Why yes it would.  Two of my very good friends sell theirs and you can find them Here and Here.

Oh the vodka.  It's for the Vanilla Extract.  I promise!!!!

Yes you've seen me looking at Pink Camo Guns online but only because my son is obsessed with hunting and I'm forced to watch it all day on TV and those girls look pretty cool shooting grizzlies. 

And I am a follower of Junk Mafia because it's AwEsOmE!!!!  I love their daytrips!  It's about shopping people!
I hope you'll decide that being a homesteader is worth the suspicious looks in the checkout line.  What crazy things have you purchased to skip the middle man and create your own products?

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