Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Beginnings

I am working on some Gardening Posts & Chicken Posts (chicks are supposed to hatch tomorrow!!) on a new blog!!!  My amazingly talented cousin (yes I have a great family) has designed a new blog for me, but I'm still learning all of the bells & whistles so I am not giving you the link quite yet.  But I wanted you to know that new things are coming!  Hooray for Spring & New Beginnings!!!  God has blessed me with so much abundance and joy in the past month I am overwhelmed by His goodness.  It is my prayer that you are as well. 

You know His timing is incredible.  I have been walking around the yard looking for signs of spring.  One of the goats is really getting large with kids in the womb.  Iris have turned green and my Hellebore has a bud.  I believe God is like that.  He is all around us putting treasures in our path that we walk by every day or has been covered up by leaves or snow but they are there for us to uncover. 

A month ago I was twiddling my thumbs, praying for direction in my life and grabbing for whatever strand of hope and opportunity that I saw.  Today I am going from to-do list to to-do list for all of those strings I grabbed have turned out to be a huge balloon bouquet of abundance and joy that is carrying me on the ride of my life. 

Trying to balance family and work (did I just say that) and making time for my creative endeavors as well as "chores" (these moments of solitude outdoors with the animals is more like a welcome break in the day) and homesteading tasks can be overwhelming.  Not to mention relationships (friends, family, spiritual).  But the beauty of His plan is that it all works together so smoothly and flows so effortlessly when it is within His will.

Praying this spring takes you to new heights in every aspect of your life.


Notice the rainbow above the balloons in the photo.
photo taken from here:  http://www.maggieoldmixon.com/2011/05/joyeux-anniversaire-a-moi-2/

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