Thursday, March 1, 2012

Head Over Heels

Well I'm in love.  I've been searching for an outfit to wear for an upcoming event. I wanted something unique, earthy, farmgirlish, fancy, yet simple: ME.

Well Etsy never disappoints.  I mean does this description get any better?  "Rust. Sweat. Stormy nights. Sweet Tea on the front porch. Whisky out back. House proud. Cypress moss swinging from branches. Old leather. Family secrets. Muddy back roads. Torn linen. Tent revivals. "  Each piece is in my Favorites section.  And her goods were SOLD OUT at Anthropologie in New Orleans!!!

Yes that's love speaking.  When I have something in my mind I know what I want and I usually do not waver.  For example....I knew I wanted a vintage looking lacy number for my wedding day - no poofy ball gown for me.  I walked in told them what I wanted 30 minutes and $300 later I had it! 

So I've had in my mind what I want for this event and a few others I've been planning for when I came across Bayou Salvage on Etsy.  What's not to love about someone who describes her pinafores as "Country Fried?"  My kinda gal!

So I've made some major decisions ladies.  I must have it all.  Or at least a few pieces of this charming collection.  Please visit this talented artist and support her.  I cannot rave about her enough!

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Ronna said...

Another great find, thanks Jennifer!