Thursday, March 8, 2012

Magazine GiveAway!!!!



As most of you know I love all things French.  Hubby even brought home an animated movie last night titled "Monster in Paris."  I loved it all.....sigh.....someday.....

So as you can guess I love to read the blog:  The Parisienne Farmgirl.  And of course I wanted to subscribe to her upcoming magazine.  This is a unique E Zine that will be delivered right to your Inbox for only $24.95 a year, 4 issues total.

But what makes this Magazine GiveAway (for The Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine) so much more amazing is that I have an article being published in the magazine!!!!  Pinch me!!!

So please sign up to subscribe to the magazine and if you are chosen as the subscription winner your fee will be reimbursed to you. 

To enter the Magazine GiveAway: 1.   leave a comment below telling me if you would rather vacation in Paris or on a Farm and a brief description why.  2.  Also like my Facebook Page Amusing Provincial of La Ferme and leave a comment there.  I want to know my readers!!! 

Thank you in advance for all of the lovely support I appreciate it so much! 


Janna Wuest said...

I would prefer to go to a farm. It has not been a desire for me to go to Paris...I would love to go to Canada or someplace like that where the Northern Lights are seen. I WILL do that one day. I believe that you will set your foot in Paris one day too. I love your blogs!

Bwright said...

I wouldn't mind Paris. It would be neat to go out of the US for a vacation. However, I do enjoy the country so a farm would work too. :-)

Ronna said...

They surely have farms in Paris, so I vote for the best of both worlds!

Susan Hawthorne said...

Hi- it was nice meeting you last night at the Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine's Launch Party! Your lifestyle seems idyllic- so peaceful. Keep me posted on your upcoming events-ie the Gathering.
Susan at

Amusing Provincial said...

Susan thank you it was nice to meet you as well!! I will be sure to keep you posted. Where is your store located? I'm going to make a list of KC must stops for you!